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If you haven’t already applied, be sure to head over to and apply to be a camper! If you have already applied, be sure to keep an eye on your submitted email address for an acceptance letter and instructions for getting registered for camp. In the meantime, here’s some helpful information!

General RYLA+ Info

RYLA+ is a hybrid leadership retreat, using active learning to help students not only learn about leadership, but apply it as well. As we look to our future, we know that we must now start getting students ready to lead in jobs that don’t yet exist. There are some things we do know though. With nearly 60% of the American workforce currently working remotely at least part time, it makes sense to help our students learn to lead in multiple environments. Helping students learn to lead for their future is good for them and good for our world. 

In order to prepare students for their future, we spend three evenings online, then three days in-person, using games, relevant discussions and other engaging activities to help students explore the top skills employers and colleges are seeking. Things like: Collaboration, Innovation, Self-Awareness, Respect for Differences, Problem-Solving, Communication, Teamwork, Motivation Factors, Navigating Pressure and Ambiguity, and more! While online, we will create a foundation for all of the skills, with an emphasis on using these skills in a remote environment, while also getting to know other students at RYLA. While onsite, we will build on the foundation and emphasize using these skills face-to-face. 

Because the program is custom built for the students of today, sponsored students MUST attend BOTH on-line at your house and then in-person at the campsite for the entire program each day.

Yes. Upon acceptance to RYLA+, you will be sent a Registration Link. Included in your Registration is a Letter of Intent to attend RYLA to submit to your school. Your Registration also includes an option to request an excused absence letter. Upon completion of RYLA+, you will then receive the letter via email.

It says it in the title: Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. You are the youth, receiving an award. Congratulations!! Your sponsoring Rotary Club is paying for you to be a camper and, in addition, is providing food, housing and supplies. Campers have NO fees to attend. Be sure to thank your sponsoring Rotary Club for their generosity. (And be sure to include this award in any college or scholarship applications.)

The staff for RYLA is composed of local Rotarian Volunteers and RYLA Alumni. ALL staff must complete Youth Protection Training and a background check. Student safety is a top priority.

During the registration process, you will be provided a packing list. It is much what you would expect to pack when going to a camp. You will not need to bring any money.

During the registration process (link sent to you via email), you will need to fill out several forms. These let us know how to prepare for you to attend. 

Your parents will be sent a different email with the forms they need to complete and sign. The forms for parents are all digital with e-signatures, so there will not be a need to print or scan anything.

IMMEDIATELY NOTIFY Leader N U at and we will coordinate with your local Rotary Club Sponsor and District RYLA team so that another alternate camper may be able to attend.

Leader N U is a leadership development company founded by a Rotarian, Bridget Markwood, who has been helping to organize RYLAs and create leadership curriculum for them since the 1999-2000 Rotary year. She is also a past club President, former Rotary/Interact District Chair, and past Lt Governor for Youth Services.

In 2020, Bridget worked with alumni from multiple districts to build a program so those districts wouldn’t have to cancel their own RYLAs. With the success of the then “eRYLA,” this group brought the program out to other districts across the country in 2021 so they too could continue to have RYLA. 

In doing these programs, as well as remote leadership development for corporate employees, the Leader N U team began to see the need for a program that is made for our new leaders of tomorrow. Taking the best of what was done in-person and the best of what was done remotely, RYLA+ was created.

D6200 Specific Info

RYLA+ Camp 2023 will start online from the comfort of your own home OCTOBER 23-25, 2023 (Monday – Wednesday) at 6 pm.

RYLA+ 2023 will continue on OCTOBER 27-29, 2023 (Friday – Sunday) at Bayou Segnette State Park.  Bayou Segnette State Park is located in Southern Louisiana.

Be sure to write the dates on your calendar!

RYLA check-in online will start promptly at 6 pm on Monday, October 23rd.  During the Registration process you will be registering on the website. Once registered, just login to your account and click the “Lodge” button. Prior to this, you and your family will have signed up for and attended an online orientation. During this orientation, you will be able to see exactly how to navigate the site.

IN-PERSON CHECKIN: RYLA check-in at Bayou Segnette State Park is from TBD to TBD Friday, October 27th. Due to the fast moving program, no late check-ins will be allowed.

Transportation to RYLA is provided by your sponsoring Rotary Club. Campers are not allowed to drive themselves to RYLA. Check with your sponsoring Rotary Club RYLA Coordinator to arrange for transportation to Bayou Segnette State Park. Your parents are responsible for picking you up from the campsite on Sunday OCTOBER 29th.

If you have any further questions or need additional help, please contact or  Michael Hayes at  PHONE NUMBER (office/cell/home).